Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Quantum-Illusion first album cover

The New Album is the result of a year of hard work, not only in composition but also in mixing and mastering.
A huge amount of study and experimentation is behind this work, especially in music structure of rhythm and grooves. I had spent a lot of time and efforts in the path to create something different, something fresh but classic, in a way that I hope You enjoy.
Powerful Guitars give to this music the "Heavy" part, Huge Synths and Samplers helped me to give a touch of Industrial and sometimes Cyber, especially in songs like "Alien Hunters".
Great Drums and "pumping" basses creates, then, the rhythmic basis to this good music.
The Album is almost Instrumental, except for "Souls Catchers", "Electric Nirvana" and the title-track "Between the Quantum and the Void", a masterpiece that I loved and enjoyed to compose, record and, as an Heavy Metal lover like You, to listen.
Hoping You Enjoy this work, very soon it will become downloadable in Mp3 format or purchasable in Cd Format.
  • 1 Souls Catchers
  • 2 Alien Hunters
  • 3 Echoes from Another Life
  • 4 Electric Nirvana
  • 5 Between the Quantum and the Void
  • 6 Good Times
  • 7 Anima Immortalis
free preview here

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